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external hard drive for Xbox One s

–    The external hard drive for Xbox One S was one of the first times that a console tried to do wireless options for their external hard drives. Because of that, a lot of people were quite fascinated and have started using them as well.

–    Did you know that directional pads didn’t exist until Nintendo came into the video gaming world? Game and Watch games were the first video games to have any sort of directional pad, and then they ended up using that model when they went ahead and did all of the consoles that we know and love.

–    Back in the day, it was difficult for graphics artists to figure out what they needed to do with colors. That being said, did you know that Luigi is only green because it was already on the palette for the turtles? That meant that it saved space and memory, and the designers didn’t have to add any new colors for the second player character that we all know and love.

What is your favorite retro game? There are so many of them out there to choose from that it’s not surprising that so many people still love these games. You definitely want to make sure that you can share your love for these things with others, too!