For years I have paid for monthly subscriptions to online movie sites, and I have recently discovered that I am not all that happy with a lot of the content that is provided to me.  Most of the stuff on these sites does not appeal to me, and so I feel like it is a waste of money for me to pay for a service that I do not use all that much.  Furthermore, the fact that there are sites out there like 123movies means that a lot of the content that I want to see can be found on the internet without me having to pay a single nickel for it.  This means that, instead of paying for a lot of stuff that I will never watch, I am able to just stream whatever it is that I am looking for whenever I feel like it, and I do not have to pay anything for it.

    After all, when has anyone chosen to pay for something that they will never use when they can have easy access to what they are looking for without having to pay for it.  It seems to me that this is something that no one would ever even think about.  So, why do so many people still pay for these online streaming services when they can find most, if not all, of the content that they are looking for at other websites without having to pay for it at all?


    If you have not yet gotten on the bandwagon of free online streaming, it is definitely something that you ought to consider.  You might actually find, as I did, that you can save a little bit of money every month by using a free streaming service instead.